Jason Tisdell
Jason TisdellCEO
“Customers are drawn to us because we have high expectations for our people, our subcontractors and ourselves. Cardell works mainly by referral, and we’re extremely proud of that reputation. Our friends that we’ve done work for, are still great friends.”

“We are practical. Price per square foot does not always equate to quality, quality equates to quality. It’s about delivering what the client wants at a great value. ”

“I encourage you to reach out to us, and see if we’re a fit for your project. If you don’t know all the details yet, that’s fine, our team can help you pull it together. We look forward to speaking with you.”

Founder’s Story

Jason Tisdell is a Winter Park local, a Rollins College Graduate and captain of the Rollins soccer team. Building homes is in the blood. Jason’s father was a homebuilder, and taught him the ropes at an early age.  In 2001 Jason took a role as employee number three with a small customer builder, and helped grow that business to 14 employees and over 100 homes per year.  After getting that initial taste of growth and entrepreneurship, Jason wanted to learn more about scale, processes, efficiency, and quality control working with a larger builder.  He joined Avatar/AV Homes as a Director and oversaw a team of 12 construction managers, running approximately 350 concurrent builds.  

After a few years, Jason made the leap to go out on his own, and start Cardell.  From his extensive experience, he knew the good, bad, and ugly of the construction business.  He knew there was a better way, and he knew he could deliver it.  He started with smaller builds, building relationships, and gaining lifetime clients. Eventually moving to larger and larger builds, branching out into commercial, multi-family, and luxury homebuilding.    

Cardell started the luxury homebuilding side of the business full bore in 2010.  Detail oriented luxury clients immediately recognized the value of experience.  The ability to foresee challenges and make recommendations to really maximize the build that others wouldn’t see.  The flexibility in unique design types (Historic, Mediterranean, Modern, etc) was also appealing, not building the same style of home over and over again.

Our Values

Cardell Today

Cardell delivers a wide spectrum of capabilities spanning residential, luxury, remodel, outdoor living, and commercial.  We provide the highest quality builds, including some of the finest homes in Winter Park, College Park, and Central Florida area.  Experience spanning from gourmet kitchens to structural steel, to slate roofing, to venetian plaster, to elevators, and geotechnical work — we’ve seen and done it all. 

Our team provides guidance and explanations through every step of the construction process, often providing design-build services.  The dedicated team brings organization and consistency to your build. We want to make it easy.  The details are important, and our team exists to address those details.

We understand projects can be highly personal.  The experience you have, and how you feel during the build is critically important to us.  You’ll have direct and personal relationships with your project manager, access to our dedicated team, and proactive communication — this is all part of the Cardell experience. 

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